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Practice Areas

Practice Areas


A paternity proceeding establishes the legal relationship between a child and his/her biological father. Establishing paternity is important for the well-being of the child and also benefits the parents by structuring their future interactions concerning parenting and child support. Indeed, in Minnesota a father has no legal right to have access to the child until the adjudication of paternity and the establishment of custody and parenting time. We have considerable experience handling paternity cases, which can be initiated by a mother who desires her child to have a legal father, or a father attempting to establish a legal relationship with his child. We help our clients obtain an adjudication of paternity, in addition to helping construct appropriate child custody, parenting time, and financial support arrangements.


A marriage dissolution or divorce in Minnesota can consist of many complex issues, including, but not limited to, child custody, child support, property divisions and spousal maintenance. We possess the skills necessary to educate and counsel our clients regarding these issues, along with being a strong advocate throughout the divorce process. Further, we strive to gain an understanding of our clients’ cares and concerns, so that we may best protect the interests that are most important to them.

Post-Decree Issues

Sometimes changes need to be made to a parenting time schedule, a custody arrangement, child support or spousal maintenance after the divorce or paternity matter is final (post-decree). The key to post-divorce modifications is to show that a change of circumstances has occurred. We listen to and assess our clients’ needs and will advocate for their best interests. We understand the anxiety that comes with continuing family disputes and will work efficiently to meet our clients’ demands.

Third Party Custody

Sometimes it is appropriate for custody or parenting time to be granted to someone other than a child’s parents. We have the experience to represent relatives or non-relatives who feel that this arrangement may be in the child’s best interests. We understand that this is an emotionally trying process for all involved. Through commitment and work, we are able to explore and evaluate a variety of options, which will lead to a parenting plan that is in the child’s best interests.

Alternative Dispute

Alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") refers to the different ways people can resolve disputes without a trial. Common ADR processes include meditation, arbitration, and social and financial early neutral evaluations (SENEs and FENEs). These processes are generally confidential, less formal and less stressful than traditional court proceedings. The attorneys at Grandchamp & Butz are well-versed in all ADR processes, and will ably guide you to the best options for your family's particular needs.

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