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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To lead clients successfully through challenging life transitions with accessible, effective legal advice, education and assertive representation.

Our Vision

To be recognized for exceeding clients needs for trust, compassion, guidance, innovation and advocacy.

Our Core Values

  • Exceeding client expectations

  • Performing with the highest levels of ethics, integrity and professionalism

  • Accessibility and availability to respond to client needs

  • Respecting clients, other individuals and ourselves

  • Communicating openly with clients, assessing potential outcomes proactively, accurately and realistically

  • Expecting accountability from ourselves and from our clients

  • Working towards common goals as a team

  • Delivering human compassion to meet client needs

  • Providing ongoing guidance and education to clients

Understanding Your Needs

As you approach the challenging transition of life whether its the dissolution of your marriage, child custody issues or adoption you know that you need experienced, innovative legal guidance and representation.


Trust & Compassion

You also want to be able to trust your attorney not only as an ethical, respected officer of the court, but also as an advisor who understands the importance of your legal issue, and who genuinely cares about your outcome. The capacity for human compassion is sometimes as important as the expertise and assertiveness you expect from your attorney.


Avoid Court

You need an attorney who listens, provides a realistic assessment of potential outcomes, develops a strategy, who creates an innovative solution for your specific problem, and who executes it, following through to a successful outcome. Many legal issues and disputes can be resolved amicably through alternative means. In fact, many of our cases are settled without ever going to court. This is a huge benefit to you. Litigation is expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining. Proactive strategic planning, alternative dispute resolution and negotiation are frequently the preferred means of resolving issues for many of our clients. And, clients who participate actively in the resolution process have significantly higher levels of satisfaction with the outcome.


Assertive & Articulate

While we avoid court when possible, sometimes litigation in court cannot be avoided. If the need arises, your attorney should be able to provide assertive, articulate leadership, and assertive representation in litigation. When a dispute cannot be resolved by other means, there is no substitute for seasoned courtroom experience and outstanding litigation skills.


Meeting Your Needs

Effective, Efficient, Experienced

Grandchamp & Butz provides you with a combination of experience, skills and education that can effectively and efficiently help resolve your legal dispute. Expertise in proactive, strategic planning for your needs is resident in the firm. All of the attorneys have a unique focus and experience set. You’ll get the service you need from a qualified professional.


Caring Attorneys & Satisfied Clients

You can be certain that your lawyer at Grandchamp & Butz cares about you and about the outcome of your legal issue. You have the benefit of large firm experience combined with small firm attention. Most of the firm’s business comes from referrals from clients who are satisfied with the service they received and who are pleased with the outcome of their legal issue.


Contact One of Our Minnesota Family Law Attorneys

It is our hope that if you’re approaching a challenging transition in your life, planning for the future, or if you want a realistic appraisal of your situation, that you’ll make an appointment to meet with one of the attorneys at Grandchamp & Butz who can assist you in achieving your goals.

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